**Pure Sunfarms - Headband - 3.5g

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Born in California, but raised in BC, Pure Sunfarms’ Headband is a sought-after hybrid of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It became popular in Ontario before finding a home in BC’s temperate climate. Grown in a high-tech greenhouse in the Fraser Valley, each bud is carefully trimmed and hand-groomed, dried and cured to precise standards. The dense, elegantly contoured flowers exhibit a range of green colours under a coat of sticky trichomes. Headband offers flavours and scents of sweet and savoury spices including allspice and nutmeg (caryophyllene), lavender (linalool), lemon and coriander seeds (humulene). 

THC - 17-23%

CBD - 0-1.99%

Grown in British Columbia

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